fly genetics

Our expertise

Zootechnical know-how

  • Expression of animal potential in a controlled breeding environment
  • BSF breeding expertise
  • Methodologies for high throughput phenotyping of animals

Population management

  • Maintaining the genetic diversity necessary for a good selection response
  • Inbreeding management to avoid genetic defects

Genetic selection

  • Statistical methods dedicated to each species
  • Adapted computer tools
  • Multi-trait selection methodologies

FLY GENETICS was born from
the complementarity between its 2 founding partners

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Zootechnical expert in BSF breeding

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One of the world leaders in multi-species animal Genetic Selection

600 M²

area of the genetic centre

20 M

monthly production capacity of breeding animals


people dedicated to selection

Our experts design tailor-made solutions for your needs.


portrait of Olivier Demeure, Fly Genetics President

Olivier demeure


portrait of Marc Bolard, Fly Genetics CEO

marc bolard

Chief executive officer

portrait of Simone Dimitrova, Fly Genetics head of operations

Marco tejeda

Genetic Program Manager


Head of R&D

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